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Pen & Ink Retirement Pages

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Sandcastle King 2

VictoriansVictorian Home
Victorian HomesVictorian Home

Calories Don't Count....

Calories don't count when you're in loveCalories don't count on Valentine's DayCalories don't count when it's your golden wedding anniversary

Calories don't count if you don't chew your food
Calories don't count if the mirror liesCalories don't count if you work out

Calories don't count if it's the first winery on the tourNothing counts if its the last stop on the winery tour

Romancing a Wild Elephant

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One Enchanted Meeting
The Courtship Begins
Becoming Inseparable
The Proposal

Wedding Preparations
Eloping is Easier
The Honeymoon
The Grand Tour

Back Home to Domestic Bliss
The Honeymoon is Over
Working Things Out
Mature Love