Art by Laura

Backstage Blue Ballerina
Countryside Barn
Winter Cabin
San Francisco Watercolor
Harvest in the Vineyard
Circus Comes to Town
Country Home
Maternal Love circa 1964
Patchwork Farms
Sepia Barn
Neighborhood Picnic
Fire Escape Woman
Domingos Winery
Motherly Love
Winter Train
Saturday Afternoon
Ice River
Victorian Girls
Abstract Flow
Romancing a Wild Elephant
Houses on a Lake
City by the Bay
Girls on a City Stoop
Sepia Backyard
Flower Cottage
Blue Lady
Laura self portrait
Little Girl
Backyard Neighbors
Fall Harvest
Hillside Houses
San Francisco Street Scene
Lady in a Chair

Laura's art features Napa Valley wineries, San Francisco city scenes and other related art. You can order prints and canvas pieces directly from this website. If you are interested, please go to the main menu and click on the appropriate category of paintings. Select the painting you want and click the Paypal link for size options and direct payment. If you have questions about sizing or pricing, email us at and we can help. Custom sizes are available. To learn more about Laura Dubnoff-Odegard's art click the About button on the main menu or please contact us by email. A substantial portion of all proceeds from sales will be donated to the Alzheimer's Association (see below for details).

Lora's paintings have been displayed at Bay Area art galleries and shows. For those of you who possess Lora's art and would like to send her an email letting us know, please do! Listed below are the names she has signed on her San Francisco city art work: Laura Dubnoff, Lora Dubnoff, Laura Odegard, Lora Odegard, Laura Odegaard, Lora Odegard, and Lagomarsino.

Laura was diagnosed with the early stages of Alzheimer's disease shortly after her last painting Winter Train. Her patience for painting and creating new art quickly tailed off until she was no longer interested in continuing at all. We tried to encourage her to keep painting, but the disease robbed her of the ability to make the great artwork she was accustomed to creating. It was quickly clear that our efforts only frustrated her further so we quickly and sadly put away all of her art supplies. Alzheimer's is a terrible disease for any family to go through and it was no different for us. This is why we have decided to dedicate a significant portion of the proceeds from this website to be donated to Alzheimer's research with the goal of helping rid the world of this awful disease. A majority of the profits of any art purchases you make with be sent directly to the Alzheimer's Association, one of the leading Non-Profit organizations currently working on solving and treating this disease.

To see a slideshow of her art click HERE.

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